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Weekly Podcast Playlist December 22nd – 28th

    Byrd’s Holiday Spectacular

    Goat and Byrd serve up some yuletide cheer by discussing some of Byrd's favorite Christmas films.

    Book Vs Movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”

      Book Vs Movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” The Margos get out their hankies and talk about another holiday classic.

    GCU #19: Home Alone & Die Hard

    Yippee ki yay, ya’ filthy animal! Whether you’re spending Christmas Eve at home alone or having a blast at the wife’s office Christmas party, we have got a gift for you! Yep, like the overweight home intruder in red, we’ve tiptoed into your house and stuffed your stockings with...

    T’was The Night Before Christmas – As Read by DJ Johnny Rock

    DJ Johnny Rock of Drinking In The Park reads the Christmas classic story T'was The Night Before Christmas... in only the way DJ Johnny Rock could.

    Ep239.5a: Gallifrey Stands Presents: Doctor Who & the Great Time Anchor

    Gallifrey Stands Presents: Doctor Who & The Great Time Anchor

    Die Hard is a Christmas Movie, ask Dans Gruber!

    The Droids Canada Xmas episode! Yippee-ki-yay, Die Hard fans. Go ahead and switch from the Hallmark Channel's Christmas fare and fire up Die Hard, because the film's writer has confirmed that it is indeed a Christmas story.

    Christmas Podcast Playlist

    Fire up the yule log, set out the cookies, pour yourself some eggnog, and hit play on the Electronic Media Collective Podcast Network’s 2018 Christmas podcast playlist.

    Drinking In The Park with Neil and Johnny – 125 – A Christmas In July

    Neil and Johnny celebrate Christmas In July in this totally not pre-taped first in a 12 part series set to rival the Doctor Who, Tom Baker classic The Key to Time. Probably.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 266

    For a special Christmas edition All three guys are together to talk about the films of 2018. This is everything from January to June! So, Part 1!

    Episode 144: Greatest Hits Vol. III – 2018-12-25

    This week Roman and Rob are off for the holidays, but not to worry. As is tradition here is a Greatest Hits compilation from 2018. ENJOY!

    Drinking In The Park with Neil and Johnny – 126 – Two Legal Letters

    This Christmas in July Neil and Johnny re-gift Drinking In The Park as a very, very special gift to their listeners.

    2 – Star Trek: The Movies, The Final Frontier & The Undiscovered Country

    In our second episode we discuss the last two original series films. Would rock monsters have saved The Final Frontier? What is mood food? Join the Re:Trek crew and find out!

    Drinking In The Park with Neil and Johnny – 127 – Three Calling Mooses

    Christmas In July Elves, Neil and Johnny discuss their favourite Christmas books as they attempt to not hit any mooses on their way to the cottage.

    Movie Guys Podcast-Aquaman

    We are finally doing a DC podcast again and tonight we review Aquaman. This was a fun discussion and one of best ones the Movie Guys have done this year. You don’t want to miss out on this review.  Aquaman is a part of our DC Universe category to...

    Drinking In The Park with Neil and Johnny – 128 – Four Comic Books

    The Comics Code Authority stamps a seal of quality on this hastily stapled together photocopy of a podcast episode.