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First up we hit you with our Quick Hit Reviews of titles Captain Marvel #128, Batman White Knight #5, Hungry Ghosts #1, Mother Panic/Batman #1, Tales of Suspense #101, BabyTeeth and Brute Force #1!
Then the moment we’ve all been waiting for… the return of SWAMP THING! We review not just one but TWO 80pg giants loaded with muck encrusted mayhem. Young Monsters in Love and Swamp Thing: Winter Special. How does our bio-restorative buddy fare? Well, there may be moments of jeers and tears as John and Dave debate if the character has been given room to blossom.

Love Comics? Then Listen up and FUEL YOUR FANDOM!

Quick Hits- 7:25

Young Monsters in Love- 21:50

Swamp Thing Winter Special- 41:00

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