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Parlipod Episodes

  • EP# 189 The Fonzie of Comics
    In this episode of your favorite comic podcast, the guys talk a little Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We also review Punisher 2, The Swamp Thing 12, and Hulk vs Thor: Banner of War Alpha. It’s the show you love, and the opinions that matter. …
  • EP# 187 Takoda Beyond
    Back from a little break and talking all things comics. The guys tackle the Moon Knight TV show from Disney+, Morbius with Jared Leto, and some comics. We hit up Spider-Punk#1, Xmen Red#1, and Batman Beyond the White Knight. Takoda is a little extra th…
  • EP# 187 The Punisher uses a sword
    In this heated episode the guys talk The Batman, Uncharted, Captain Carter, and the billionth relaunch of the Punisher. Yes, he uses a sword now.
  • EP# 186 Why do we care about these characters?
    Hey guys, we’ve been dealing with wisdom teeth being pulled, a death in the family, and Covid. Please enjoy this lost episode while get get back on schedule. This episode we discuss Batgirls #1, Captain American/Ironman, and Primordial #1.
  • EP# 185 Sorry Kyle
    In the episode the guys review the Spiderman – No Way Home Trailer, King Spawn #1, Cable:Reloaded #1, and Darkhawk #1. The books may not be good, but hey at least we crack some jokes.
  • EP# 184 Takoda Love and Thunder
    By the Power of Greyskull Takoda showed up this week! In this episode we talk Masters of the Universe : Revelation, a shit property cash grab called The Walking Dead, and Moon Knight #1. All this and a bag of chips!
  • EP# 183 The case of the time travling Mitch McConnell
    So we review some crazy ass books this episode. Takoda showed up and we reviewed , Nuclear Family#5 , Vinyl #1 , and Infinite Crisis #1. All this and a time traveling asshole name Mitch McConnell .
  • Ep# 182 Steven Seagal’s Birdhouse
    John is joined by Wesley Gift this episode. Join in on the fun as the guys talk The Swamp Thing #4, BRZRKR #2, and The Nice House on the Lake #1. Plus, what is going on with Steven Seagal’s birdhouse?
  • EP# 181 Death and Body Works
    In this episode John sits down with David Bennett from Death and Body Works and reviews the Swamp Thing blue algae body scrub. Things get awkward as John showers on air for a whole 10 minutes, and contemplates starting an OnlyFans. After the rub down t…
  • EP #180 George Michail Interview ( Resilient )
    In this episode we talk with writer George Michail about his new book Resilient from Absolute comics. Check out the kickstarter and reserve your copy now !