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Parlipod Episodes

  • #95: DC NATION
    ON THIS PULSE POUNDING, PAGE TURNING, POTENT PODCAST CALLED PARLIPOD: We investigate DC writer Steve Orlando and debate if he deserved to handle the reigns of the JLA. Reviews of Thanos Annual #1 and DC Nation #0 PLUS: tramp stamp tattoos and a Bendis brawl. Love Comics? Then listen UP and fuel your fandom!
  • #94: MACK ATTACK
    THIS WEEK ON PARLIPOD…Dave calls in to talk with John about the Fantastic Four relaunch, Masters of the Universe and MASK movies moving the needle, Allison Mack from cult to clink, Quick Hits, Reviews of JLA #29 and The Terrifics #3 from DC Comics PLUS our new game show, Name that Artist!
    On this jam-packed episode of Parlipod, we discuss the bizarre news surrounding Stan Lee’s blood and the last time plasma mixed with print in the infamous 1977 Kiss comic. Immortal Men #1 from DC infuriates the hosts and Dave makes a suggestion to the publisher to save face. A review of Detective Comics #978 perks ...
  • #91: JAY FOTOS
    On a new pulse-pounding episode of Parlipod we talk Allison Mack is wack, Justice League gets a summertime shake-up, Reviews of The Curse of Brimstone #1 and Snagglepuss Chronicles #4 PLUS an interview with industry veteran and creator of the Rising Rebels series JAY FOTOS. Show Notes: Mack- 3:30 Justice League- 8:35 Curse of Brimstone- 25:30 Snagglepuss- 32:27 Jay Fotos Interview- ...
    On this episode, Dave calls in to talk domesticated life and Doomsday Clock #4. John interviews creators James Maddox and Eric Watkins from Broken Icon Comics PLUS the winner of our Thanos POP giveaway and Quick Hit Reviews of your favorite comic books.
  • Parlipod #116 Metaphorical Her
    Get ready for a brand new Parlipod. We speak with the creative team behind the hit Webtoon series Metaphorical Her. Writer James Maddox and artist David Stoll fill us in on the ins and outs of this trully amazing series. The content is may be metaphorical , but these guys are not.
  • Louisville Supercon 115
    It’s a cavalcade of stars as John and Takoda cover the first year of Louisville Supercon. Special guests Sam Jones, Marty Abrams, Dr Mego, Lloyd Kaufman, Josh Petersdorf, and Brian O’Halloran all stop by to pay us a visit.
    We’re back with a Texas sized show! Dave goes bonkers for Buc-ee’s, John covers Lexington Toy and Comics Convention, Quick Hit and Aquaman #34 reviews PLUS: Our interview with Superstar Writer Donny Cates! He’s tearing up the comics scene with his runs on Thanos, Dr.Strange, Babyteeth, Redneck and more so don’t miss this chat with ...
    Ep.#88 Webster Lives! On this one we come with Quick Hit Reviews, Gas Station Follies, Justice League #40 by Christopher Priest and Pete Woods inspires a wacky debate about 80’s sitcoms Different Strokes, Webster and Punky Brewster because on Parlipod we find the beaten path to be a bore. PLUS: Boyzarro attacks in the pages of ...
    We lead the show debating if Marvel’s newest reboot “Fresh Start” should be accepted by fans and the answer may surprise you! Then Quick Hit Reviews of Dr. Strange Damnation #1, Amazing Spider-Man #796, Defenders #10, Hellblazer #19, Flash #41, Doom Patrol/JLA Special #1, Martian Manhunter (1998) #0 and Dave has some harsh words for ...