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Parlipod Episodes

  • Splurch #17
    SPLURCH 17: What are the best comics to read when your bummed out? Listen as we explain why Madman and Sandman may be the best bet. Reviews of All Star Batman #4 (Did Joel Schumacher write this ish?) and DK3 from DC Comics. PLUS: Slabs,Subs,Pringles, Prez, Qbert, Machine Queen news and oh yeah…we saw a ...
  • Splurch #16
    Marco fell in love with Powers by Bendis/Oeming while Dave is nauseated by the prospect of a Captain Planet movie. Dave also brings up a reboot done right (Godzilla)and one that alienated fans (Fantastic Four)
  • Parlipod: The Simon Oliver Interview
    On this episode: We have an incredible chat with current writer of “The Hellblazer” Simon Oliver. We discuss his run thus far, his thoughts on Swamp Thing and what kind of surprises he has in store for the fans. This is one not to be missed if you love Swamp Thing, Constantine and DC Comics. ...
  • Splurch #15
    Dave is trapped in the bathroom! Well, sure sounds that way for 16 minutes…We talk Cave Carson from the Young Animal imprint and Marco’s bad Halloween costume ideas.
  • Splurch #14
    Some people celebrate landmarks at 50..or 100 but not us! Historic episode 14!!! Yeah, we know but can’t blame us for trying. We review a wide array of books this week like Saga, Captain America (Dave can’t count btw)James Bond, All Star Batty 3 and more!
  • Splurch #13
    EPISODE 13: The Splurch boys talk a wide array of topics on this show! Marco insists Scott Pilgrim is one damn fine piece of cinema,Dave gets into some favorite TV series of all time and dusts off Blue Devil from DC. We also find out Marco and his girlfriends romance has lasted so long thanks ...
  • Splurch #12
    A cat named Lopez? Marco waxes on The March from Top Shelf and we get into some truly lousy superhero flicks.
  • Splurch #11
    Ok, ok who the hell is ringing the doorbell? Marco gets mail, We discuss Doom Patrol #1, All Star Batty #2 and Diversity in Comics
  • Splurch #10
    Our Saga gushing continues…
  • Splurch #9
    On this episode we sit down with comic vets Peter Milligan and Leandro Fernandez to discuss past works and their Image Comics series The Discipline. Great chat, check it out!