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Parlipod Episodes

  • Splurch #8
    Splurch visits with the Visions! We give our review on Marvels new first family (be careful big ‘ol spoilers!) PLUS: Dave gets a little upset with labels…who you callin’ a nerd sucka!C’mon over, give us a listen and get Splurched
  • Splurch #7
    We get all up in All Star Batty #1 from DC and our other weekly reads
  • Splurch #6
    On this episode of Splurch…a Parlipod Podcast, the boys decided to do some research on characters they admired form afar. Dave the Comics Curmudgeon goes Mad over Mr.Miracle while Marco decides to dance with Dr.Doom! Did they like what they found? Plus choirboy Marco decides to throw a quarter in the swear jar. Love comic ...
  • Splurch #5
    Dave disses Killing Joke and Marco wants himself some Wonder Woman on our new episode. Give it a listen!
  • Splurch #4
    Dave and Marco are back! On this episode they discuss Hellblazer #1, DC Comics Rebirth titles, Morning Glories and Saga from Image, plus much more! Oh, Dave also goes off on Marvel after recent Hulk news. Love comics? Give Splurch a listen!
  • Splurch #3
    This week on SPLURCH…A Parlipod Podcast, Marco tells of his adventures at WizardWorld Philly, We talk tuna on Aquaman Rebirth #1, Buy or Burn featuring Moon Knight and Dave has choice words for Matt Wagner. Nuttin’ but comics so give it a listen!
  • Splurch #1
    Dave and Marco have a Skype convo to discuss what’s new with comics so of course this is our REBIRTH episode. We also talk about another notable “relaunch” from the past in Scott Snyder’s N52 Batman. Give it a listen!
  • Splurch #2
    Dave goes solo on this one as Marco is missing. If anyone spots him on the streets, DO NOT approach as he’s a biter. Dave talks about current Marvel news, Tells people to chill on Captain America, BUY or BURN with Dr.Strange and Daredevil and rocks out to the ALF theme song…seriously!
    There was a birthday in the bayou and John shares a great story about a unique gift. Plus analysis of Hellblazer #2 and the mysteries that surround Swamp Thing’s current continuity.
    John and Dave are back to discuss all the Swamp Thing news you can handle! Hellblazer #1 hit stands with our favorite mock encrusted mockery as a co-star. How was it? What’s the deal with continuity? We give our review. John hit the beat at SDCC and scooped up some tidbits about Swamp Things appearances in ...