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Parlipod Episodes

    Swamp Thing #5 plus merch talk and back issue reviews
    Talking Swamp Thing #3 from Len Wein/Kelley Jones plus toys and back issue reviews
    Episode #2, Swamp Thing talk
  • EP.#1
    Our debut episode! All about the muck encrusted mockery SWAMP THING
  • PARLIPOD #7 with Nancy Collins
    Nancy Collins calls in to chat about her epic run on Swamp Thing and her amazing career. Thought you knew everything about the muck encrusted mockery? Think again, as she shares some truly memorable material.
  • EP.#6 – Kelley Jones
    EPISODE SIX: John and Dave kick off the Summer of Swampy by having a Skype conversation with Swamp Thing artist supreme Kelley Jones! Kelley reflects on the 6 issue mini his legendary career and answers fan questions. A great interview with one of the most talented and humble pro’s in the comic book biz, ...
  • EP.#4
    John and Dave discuss Swamp Thing #4, reveal our NEW official…wait, UN-official sponsors and have a Back Issue Review of Vol.2 #53. Get some muck between those ears!