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Parlipod Episodes

  • EP# 129 The Takoda Stranger
    In this ep the guys talk about DCeased #3, Swamp Thing episode #4, Is the Phantom Stranger really Takoda?, Doom Patrol #1, Dark Red #4, and they prepare for SDCC 2019.
  • Ep#128 Dial T For Takoda
    Takoda got hold of a hero dial, but still couldn’t save Swamp Thing from cancellation!
  • Ep# 127 Well hell, let’s all join the navy…
    In this seaworthy episode we talk with Wes Gift of Rich City Comic Con about why in the hell Superman would join the navy in Superman Year One #1, Silver Surfer Black #1 by Donny Cates. And last but not least, Swamp Thing episode #3.
  • EP 126 Not the Year of Swamp Thing?
    In this episode we talk the phenomenal issue #3 of Dark Red by Tim Seeley, but the Swamp Thing TV show took a turn for the worse with a surprise cancellation. Some of us also read birthright. Not me, I read the wrong issue.
  • EP #125 Is Swamp Thing DCeased?
    In this episode we discus episode #2 of Swamp Thing on the DCUniverse streaming service, DCeased by Tom Taylor, and Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 #2 .
  • EP#124 The Year of Swamp Thing
    We agree Prodigy by Mark Millar is great, but will he sell out the movie rights? Double the Swamp Thing this episode as we discuss the DC 100 Page Giants, and we give a spoiler heavy review of the Swamp Thing TV show by the DCUniverse streaming service…
  • EP#123 Salt-N-Pepa-N-Takoda
    Free Comic Book Day was a blast, but the guys are back to business. In this episode we sing a little Salt N Pepa, eat some candy,and review some comics. We also have an interview with Spiderman. Listen for our reviews of DEceased #1, Ice Cream Man #12…
  • EP#122 Endgame Assemble !
    In this EP the boys welcome their new sponsor. Talk the masterpiece that is Rising Rebels #4. Review Heroes on Crisis #8. And end”game” with a spoiler heavy review of Avengers Endgame!
  • EP#121 Lexcon 2019
    It’s time again for our annual coverage of Lexington Comic and Toy Con! We interview creators from one of my favorite comic companies, Broken Icon.
  • EP#120 Brendan’s Ass
    In this episode Takoda gets all worked up over Brendan Frashers “ASS”ets, We Also talk more Guardians of the Galaxy by Donny Cates, and the amazing painted covers of Ashley Marsh.