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Parlipod Episodes

  • #107: Back in the Saddle
    On this episode of Parlipod we talk Farmhand #1, Babyteeth #11, Ice Cream Man #5, and Castle Rock on Hulu. Back in the saddle baby!
    From the ashes of Parlipod Crisis, a podcast is reborn! This is the reboot everyone has been waiting for! In this first issue relaunch, guests galore have stopped by to talk shop with us. Kevin Conroy “Batman”, Julie Nathanson “Silver Banshee”, and Fred Tatasciore “Everybody else ;-)”discusses Lego DC Super Villains. I was able to get ...
  • #105: Crisis in the DC Universe
    On this pulse-pounding episode of Parlipod, John and Takoda talk Crisis in the DC Universe as well as Parlipod’s upcoming reboot. We also review Justice League #4 , Deathbed #6 , and assorted comic talk. After this episode, nothing will be the same!
  • #104: Shawn’s Cough Attack
    On this episode of Parlipod Shawn damn near dies. Speaking of death, we review Cosmic Ghost Rider #1. After a long drink of water, we continue the reviews with Wonder Woman #50, and Superman #1
  • #103: The Adventures of Mr. Bhang
    In this episode, we welcome Takoda Riley to the Parlipod family. We discuss Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 and his creeper mustache, Flash #49 and the twist we all saw coming, and Teen Titans Special #1, does it have enough teen angst?
  • Parlipod #102: Meet Me Halfway
    No hoax, no joke, we are now an Over the Top movie podcast. We did include reviews for Thor #1, Venom #2, Damage #6 ” pile of shit “, and Justice League #2.
  • #100: “100 episodes and all I got was this t-shirt.”
    One hundred episodes! Where the hell has Dave been! Back issue review of Swamp Thing #100! Justice League #1! Dave drinks sweet tea! ​
  • #99: I Think We’re Alone Now
    John gives his thoughts on ” Making Fun – The story of Funko” on Netflix, Max Bemis’s run on Moon Knight, Man of Steel #1, No Justice #4, and Doomsday Clock #5. Stay tuned till the end of credits for a very special message.
  • #98: Venom’s Mustache
    While Dave is away, the boys will play. Team Johnny Pal discuss mustaches, Venom #1 , Flash #47, and the most excellent Detective Comics #981. All that and quick hits also. This episode will change your world! …or at the very least you’ll have some good books to read.
  • #96: NO JUSTICE #1
    On this awesome audio, adventure anointed Parlipod: Dave is joined by guest host Shawn to discuss what kind of muck-encrusted mayhem they want to see on the new Swamp Thing Streaming Series from DC Universe. They meet Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #1 in the squared circle and let you know if this Indie book rules ...