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    Parlipod Episodes

    EP# 145 Frank Gogol Interview
    In this episode, I talk with Frank Gogol hot off last year’s Dead End Kids. We discuss addiction and his works Grief, Dead End Kids, and the upcoming No Heroine. I’m telling you now you need to preorder No Heroine while you have a chance!

    EP# 144 And here’s the Punchline folks !
    What the “Hell” Arisen is going on over at DC Comics?

    EP# 143 Takoda takes “The Plunge”.
    Parlipod talks The Plunge by Joe Hill, DCeased; The Unkillables, The Locke and Key Netflix show, and the new Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey movie.

    Ep # 142 The Takoda Wasteland
    Parlipod discusses Hawkeye: Free Fall, The Protector, and Avengers Wasteland.

    EP# 141 The rise of Fake Takoda!
    In this rapid fire episode Takoda is missing! Who will take his place? Enter the A.I. Fake Takoda! And we talk Suicide Squad #2, Ravencroft #1, and Thor #2. Enjoy!

    EP #140 Takoda has a thing for hunchbacks.
    In this EP we are falling for Hawkeye Free Fall. We take a look at Daphne Byrne drawn by our good friend Kelley Jones. Then Takoda takes it to a dark place when we start reviewing The Witcher on Netflix.

    EP# 139 Parli Awards 2019
    The best (and worst) comic books of 2019!

    EP #138 Is time up for Doomsday Clock?
    Parlipod discusses Legion of Superheroes #2 and wonder what happened with Doomsday Clock.

    EP #137 Takoda gets a Money Shot
    Punisher 2099 and Young Justice may have left us a little flaccid but Tim Seeley delivered the Money Shot that Takoda so desperately wanted.

    EP# 136 Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, Clayton Crain, Venom Panel 2019
    In this special Thanksgiving episode we treat you to the Venom panel from Galaxy Con Louisville. Enjoy as Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, and Clayton Crain discuss all things Venom.

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