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    EP#123 Salt-N-Pepa-N-Takoda
    Free Comic Book Day was a blast, but the guys are back to business. In this episode we sing a little Salt N Pepa, eat some candy,and review some comics. We also have an interview with Spiderman. Listen for our reviews of DEceased #1, Ice Cream Man #12…

    EP#122 Endgame Assemble !
    In this EP the boys welcome their new sponsor. Talk the masterpiece that is Rising Rebels #4. Review Heroes on Crisis #8. And end”game” with a spoiler heavy review of Avengers Endgame!

    EP#121 Lexcon 2019
    It’s time again for our annual coverage of Lexington Comic and Toy Con! We interview creators from one of my favorite comic companies, Broken Icon.

    EP#120 Brendan’s Ass
    In this episode Takoda gets all worked up over Brendan Frashers “ASS”ets, We Also talk more Guardians of the Galaxy by Donny Cates, and the amazing painted covers of Ashley Marsh.

    EP#119 TV Spectacular 2019
    It’s our 2019 TV adaption spectacular. In this episode we review those Television gems , Umbrella Academy , Deadly Class, and Doom Patrol. Takoda Riley,

    EP#118 -God Mode (Jason Swaboda Interview )
    In this episode we talk the God Mode comic with Jason Swoboda himself. Join us for tales of 90’s nostalgia, as well as a healthy

    EP.#114 Lightning Round (Lost Episode)
    In this lightning fast episode Takoda and John pay their respects to Stan Lee, review the last issue of the Cosmic Ghost Rider mini series,

    EP.#113 That’s So Raven (Lost Episode)
    In this lost episode John and Takoda talk about Kings of Fear, Raven, Doom Patrol, and Heroes in Crisis. Also Takoda might be writing a

    EP.#117 – 2018 Parli Awards
    It’s that time for the best and worst of 2018. Yes I mean the 2018 Parli Awards. John and Takoda might not make many friends

    Parlipod #112: Takoda’s Halloween Beard of Horror
    In this bonus sized Halloween ep Takoda “Dead Cat Beard” Riley and John discuss the new Titans live action show on the DC Universe streaming

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