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    Parlipod Episodes

    EP# 168 Frank Gogol Interview Dead End Kids 2 : The Suburban Job
    It’s the fabulous return of Frank Gogol! Takoda is back as well! Plus, we talk the follow up to the hit Dead End Kids!

    EP# 167 Frank Martin : Macabre Motel
    Listen in as Frank Martin checks us into our room at the Macabre Motel!

    EP# 166 StillWesley
    Wes Gift is back on Parlipod ! This episode we talk more comics. lol. Check out our thoughts on Stillwater #1 and many more stuff and thangs !

    EP# 164 The long dramatic pause of Iron-Wes
    Long dramatic pause or not, we are joined by the ever so humble Wes Gift while Takoda is still nursing the baby. We review Batman #99 , Secret Seven #2, and the new Ironman #1. Stay awesome.

    ep# 164 – Parlipod Metal: Wesley Gift Crisis
    Parlipod reviews Bad Mother 1, Red Mother 8, and Death Metal: Trinity Crisis.

    EP# 163 The Three Takodas
    In this most excellent episode we talk New Mutants …”the movie”, Bill and Ted Face the music, The Three Jokers, and Grendel Kentucky. All this and Takoda is still a heavy breather. Plus the introduction of Violet The Parlidog!

    Ep# 162 DC Fandome!
    You guessed it Parlipals, this episode we talk everything DC Fandome!

    EP# 161 – We’re back!
    Parlipod returns to review Umbrella Academy season 2, Read Mother #7, Seven Secrets #1. They also discuss the big shakeups at DC Comics, The Walking Dead going color, and more news.

    EP# 160 The House of Indie Takeover!
    In this episode Joey from The House of Indie stops by to flip Parlipod on it’s ear. Am I hipster enough for these books? Find out on this special episode.

    EP# 159 Takoda you damn Ewok
    The guys review Hotell #2, The Resistance #2, and Doom Patrol season 2 episode 1.

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