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    Parlipod Episodes

    EP# 152 Weird Adventures in the Quarantine
    Parlipod reviews Interceptor #1 by Donny Cates, Black Hammer by Jeff Lemire , and that sexy bloodsucker Vampirella #1 by Christopher Priest.

    EP # 151 Parlipod Country
    Parlipod reviews Babyteeth #1, Redneck #1, God Country #1, and more.

    EP# 150 Babylon 6
    Parlipod reviews some of the works of J Michael Straczynski. He created Babylon 5, will there be a Babylon 6?

    EP# 149 First Appearance Party
    Parlipod discusses the first appearances of Wolverine, Cable, and Venom.

    EP #148 So what’s the Upshot to this ?
    Parlipod reviews new books from new comic book company, Upshot.

    EP# 147 I Get Choked Up About Comics
    In this episode we get choked up about comics, including Punisher Soviet, Hellions, and Road to Empyre. Plus Takoda starts his Coronavirus diet.

    EP #146 Say no to the Corona
    Parlapod reviews Cable #1, DCeased Unkillables #2 , Godkillers #1, and Something is Killing the Children #6.

    EP# 145 Frank Gogol Interview
    In this episode, I talk with Frank Gogol hot off last year’s Dead End Kids. We discuss addiction and his works Grief, Dead End Kids, and the upcoming No Heroine. I’m telling you now you need to preorder No Heroine while you have a chance!

    EP# 144 And here’s the Punchline folks !
    What the “Hell” Arisen is going on over at DC Comics?

    EP# 143 Takoda takes “The Plunge”.
    Parlipod talks The Plunge by Joe Hill, DCeased; The Unkillables, The Locke and Key Netflix show, and the new Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey movie.

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