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    Parlipod Episodes

    Parlipod #112: Takoda’s Halloween Beard of Horror
    In this bonus sized Halloween ep Takoda “Dead Cat Beard” Riley and John discuss the new Titans live action show on the DC Universe streaming

    Parlipod #111: Takoda loves the Batwang
    In this amazing, spectacular, bonus sized episode we talk the things that were too big for a regular sized episode. First of all Takoda can’t

    #110: Bendis and His Repetitive Words
    In this episode, we discuss Cosmic Ghost Rider #3, Red Hood and the Outlaws #26, Superman #3, and Hayden Benedict reviews Marvel Universe Live! Plus

    #109: The Adventures of The Chicacabra and Mayor McCheese
    This ep we talk Die Die Die, Jugghead the Hunger #8, Ice Cream Man #6 , Boarder Town #1 , Punisher #1, West Coast Avengers

    #108: Out of the Mouth of Babes
    Hayden Benedict makes his Parlipod reviewing debut ! he gives the scoop on Rise of the TMNT, and My Hero Academia ! Plus John and

    #107: Back in the Saddle
    On this episode of Parlipod we talk Farmhand #1, Babyteeth #11, Ice Cream Man #5, and Castle Rock on Hulu. Back in the saddle baby!

    From the ashes of Parlipod Crisis, a podcast is reborn! This is the reboot everyone has been waiting for! In this first issue relaunch, guests

    #105: Crisis in the DC Universe
    On this pulse-pounding episode of Parlipod, John and Takoda talk Crisis in the DC Universe as well as Parlipod’s upcoming reboot. We also review Justice

    #104: Shawn’s Cough Attack
    On this episode of Parlipod Shawn damn near dies. Speaking of death, we review Cosmic Ghost Rider #1. After a long drink of water, we

    #103: The Adventures of Mr. Bhang
    In this episode, we welcome Takoda Riley to the Parlipod family. We discuss Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 and his creeper mustache, Flash #49 and

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