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    Parlipod Episodes

    #105: Crisis in the DC Universe
    On this pulse-pounding episode of Parlipod, John and Takoda talk Crisis in the DC Universe as well as Parlipod’s upcoming reboot. We also review Justice

    #104: Shawn’s Cough Attack
    On this episode of Parlipod Shawn damn near dies. Speaking of death, we review Cosmic Ghost Rider #1. After a long drink of water, we

    #103: The Adventures of Mr. Bhang
    In this episode, we welcome Takoda Riley to the Parlipod family. We discuss Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 and his creeper mustache, Flash #49 and

    Parlipod #102: Meet Me Halfway
    No hoax, no joke, we are now an Over the Top movie podcast. We did include reviews for Thor #1, Venom #2, Damage #6 ”

    #100: “100 episodes and all I got was this t-shirt.”
    One hundred episodes! Where the hell has Dave been! Back issue review of Swamp Thing #100! Justice League #1! Dave drinks sweet tea! ​

    #99: I Think We’re Alone Now
    John gives his thoughts on ” Making Fun – The story of Funko” on Netflix, Max Bemis’s run on Moon Knight, Man of Steel #1,

    #98: Venom’s Mustache
    While Dave is away, the boys will play. Team Johnny Pal discuss mustaches, Venom #1 , Flash #47, and the most excellent Detective Comics #981. All that and quick

    #96: NO JUSTICE #1
    On this awesome audio, adventure anointed Parlipod: Dave is joined by guest host Shawn to discuss what kind of muck-encrusted mayhem they want to see

    #95: DC NATION
    ON THIS PULSE POUNDING, PAGE TURNING, POTENT PODCAST CALLED PARLIPOD: We investigate DC writer Steve Orlando and debate if he deserved to handle the reigns

    #94: MACK ATTACK
    THIS WEEK ON PARLIPOD…Dave calls in to talk with John about the Fantastic Four relaunch, Masters of the Universe and MASK movies moving the needle,

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