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Weekly Podcast Playlist June 22nd – 28th

    A Few of the Podcasts Featured…

    The Mockers Podcast

    A weekly podcast of all things pop culture: Covering TV, Sports, Music, Movies and more. Join The Mockers on their journey into Podcast Utopia.

    Short Stories

    Short Stories of horror, murder, mystery and science fiction. Listen to tales of the macabre, mysterious and paranormal. Experience discomposure and dread. Featuring stories by Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and others. Read by Robert Crandall.


    A comic book podcast for diehard fans.

    A Few of the Podcasts Featured…

    Book Vs Movie Podcast

    Book Vs. Movie is the podcast that ponders the question: “Which was better…the book or the movie?” We spoil away the details, uncover the plot points, discuss casting choices and shower with praise (or pummel with snark) as we see fit. Hosts are Margo P. (She’s Nacho Mama’s Blog) and Margo D. (Creator of Brooklyn Fit Chick.com) and we are not afraid to tell it like it is!

    Bore Meets World

    Come wander down this road that we call life as we discuss Boy Meets World and the life lessons it taught us.

    Grawlix Podcast Live

    The Grawlix Podcast’s live series! Join us live each week for an hour of TV and movie talk, entertainment news, movie reviews and more.

    Gallifrey Stands

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep264- Fi Angwin, Behind the Sofa

    Fi Angwin joins us to talk about her one woman show, ‘Behind the Sofa’, making puppets and books and featuring in our last Christmas play.


    Grawlix Cinematic Universe

    GCU Outtakes: G Madness

    Tonight we present to you a sordid tale of madness. Several outtakes from GCU #27: The Street Fighter & Kill Bill Vol. 2 set the


    The Grawlix Podcast

    Best of Grawlix Lunch Box Live: Week 1

    Best of the first week of Grawlix Lunch Box Live, our new series streamed on Castbox’s Livecast every weekday. Join us every Monday through Friday


    Droids Canada

    Investigating the Phoenix Plunder

    Giving someone the keys to the car after they contributed to the first car crash is a sign of negligence, right Simon Kinberg?


    Book Vs Movie Podcast

    Book Vs Movie “The Talented Mr. Ripley”

    The Talented Mr. Ripley Patricia Highsmith’s 1955 Novel Vs. the Anthony Minghella 1999 Film.


    Grawlix Podcast Live

    #live Grawlix Lunch Box: June 24, 2019

    Monday, June 24, 2019 2:05 PM #Livecast #Replay The Grawlix Podcast crew discusses the weekend's Box Office top 10, recent TV and movie news, and


    The Movie Madhouse Podcast

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 290

    Jason, James and Rob sit down for another View and Review. Enjoy Pump Up the Volume!


    Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast

    E411: Undertaker can get Roman over… NOT

    RAW and Stomping grounds review. Undertaker makes an unexpected return to aid Roman Reigns. The Brand Split is apparently a thing of the past while Joe offers a new challenge to Kofi and the WWE Championship. Rob and Adam nearly go to blows over a half full half empty debate. 



    Ep#128 Dial T For Takoda

    Takoda got hold of a hero dial, but still couldn’t save Swamp Thing from cancellation!


    The Mockers Podcast

    The Mockers Are Back! Again! Part 2

    The Mockers Podcast returns again for the third time with a jam packed installment!


    Short Stories

    104 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce

    In this story a man is hanged but miraculously escapes when the noose fails, but just when he is to be reunited with his wife something happens.


    The Roman Pod and Cast Show

    Episode 170: Parkings Pills – 2019-06-24

    This week Roman and Rob discuss the Montreal Expos, old man pills, parking and much, much more!


    Grawlix Podcast Live

    #live Grawlix Lunch Box: June 26, 2019

    Wednesday, June 26, 2019 2:04 PM #Livecast #Replay This episode we review Netflix's The Perfection. We get listeners' thoughts on the strange horror thriller as


    Bore Meets World

    BMW 220 – POP QUIZ

    Cory learns studying makes him sick.
    Stephen learns to say bye to Harley.
    Kyle learns to say hello to Griff.


    Droids Canada

    Jason Faunt from Power Rangers: Time Force

    Jason Faunt grew up outside of Chicago Illinois, with initial dreams to become a professional baseball player. Two weeks after graduating from college, he hung up the cleats to pursue a career in acting. After getting his start on soap operas Passions …


    Shotgun Wrestling Radio

    SWR 278: Nick UGene Dinsmore! Talking hall of fame weekend and much more!

    This week on SWR The Zigman and Zach Takes are joined by former WWE superstar Nick UGene Dinsmore!


    Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast

    E412: Smackdown Reaction from 6/25/19

    Adam and Brian react and review WWE Smackdown from 6/25/19.


    Grawlix Podcast Live

    #live Grawlix Lunch Box: June 27, 2019

    Thursday, June 27, 2019 2:03 PM #Livecast #Replay On today's episode we discussed a few entertainment moments on this day in history, took a call


    Movie Guys Podcast

    Movie Guys Podcast-Toy Story 4 and Childs Play 2019


    Grawlix Podcast Live

    #live Grawlix Lunch Box: Live at O Con Expo 2019

    Friday, June 28, 2019 2:01 PM #Livecast #Replay Live from O Con Expo 2019 in Council Bluffs, Iowa!