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Weekly Podcast Playlist November 23rd – 29th

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    Droids Canada

    Mountain Man vs the Paqui One Chip Challenge

    And you thought the podcast streak was going to broken! Not on our watch. We give an episode that only proves how crazy(or even how stupid) the MountainMan is when it comes to spicy food. He may have died alittle on the inside.

    Vicious Circle Podcast

    Episode 13

    Sid Eudy discusses the transition between WCW and WWE and how that looked in the locker room.

    Book Vs Movie Podcast

    Book Vs Movie “The Help”

    Book Vs Movie “The Help” The 2009 novel by Kathryn Stockett vs the Tate Taylor 2011 film.

    Moose’s Monster Mash

    Romero’s Reanimated and Remade part 1

    They’re coming for you Barbara! They’re coming to get you! Moose is joined by Randal of Grawlix Podcast to discuss Night of the Living Dead, the original and remake films.

    Grawlix Cinematic Universe

    GCU #35: Last Shift & Darling

    Randy goes solo to review Last Shift (2014) and Darling (2015), two horror movies about being alone in a creepy place.

    Droids Canada

    Mountain Man vs the DeathNut Challenge

    The MountainMan decides to up the ante and take on the 5 steps of doom in the deathnut challenge.

    1980s Movie Graveyard


    On this Thanksgiving feast edition of The Movie Graveyard, The Goat is joined by Zach from the hit podcast Mac and Zach Save the World to discuss the insatiable small alien creature romp Critters!

    Gallifrey Stands

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep285- Part 6: Journey to the CyberShip

    Gallifrey Stands returns to their Doctor Who roleplaying game to defeat a cyber stead and head off to the CyberShip.

    Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast

    E453: Survivor Series and War Games Reaction

    The MOWP crew reacts to War Games, Survivor series and the following RAW.

    The Movie Madhouse Podcast

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 309

    Back to back Movie Madhouse episodes! First Jason in a solo mission and second James in a solo mission.

    For Your Distraction

    FYD Ep. 159 – 39 Gaga Mobile

    Chill and casual conversation with Scott and Adam, plus they talk The Mandalorian episode 1!

    For Your Distraction is part of the B-Reel Podcasting Network! Check us out at movieguyspodcast.podbean.com/

    The Roman Pod and Cast Show

    Episode 192 – Tesla Cup – 2019-11-25

    This week Roman and Rob discuss Rob’s R2D2, the Grey Cup, the Tesla truck and much, much more!

    Survivalist Podcast

    Holiday Travel Tips

    Today on the show we go over holiday travel tips and prepper travel practices. We go over what you should have in your car, what you should pack and what should go in your carry on luggage. We get into airline travel and hotel situations. We get into t…

    Short Stories

    Special Announcement Update

    We look forward to more Short Stories from Robert!


    The Road to Star Trek Picard, QPid and Tapestry

    This week ReTrek looks at ‘QPid’ and ‘Tapestry’.


    EP# 136 Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, Clayton Crain, Venom Panel 2019

    In this special Thanksgiving episode we treat you to the Venom panel from Galaxy Con Louisville. Enjoy as Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, and Clayton Crain discuss all things Venom.

    Moose’s Monster Mash

    Romero’s Reanimated and Remade part 2

    Moose returns with guest Randal of The Grawlix Podcast to talk about Dawn of the Dead, the Romero original film and the Zack Snyder remake.

    Book Vs Movie Podcast

    Book Vs Movie: “Die Hard” (Replay)

    Book Vs Movie “Die Hard” Yes, it was a novel based on the sequel to a 1968 Frank Sinatra movie first but, is it a Christmas movie?

    Dan Vs The Evil Dead

    Dan vs Evil Dead Season 2: Confinement

    Ruby, Kelly and Pablo must break Ash out of jail after the Sheriff brings him up on charges.