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Weekly Podcast Playlist November 2nd – 8th

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    Moose’s Monster Mash

    Special Edition: Count Crowley with interviews from Lukas Ketner and David Dastmalchian

    Moose talks to Lukas Ketner and David Dastmalchian, creators of the new horror comic “Count Crowley”.

    Vicious Circle Podcast

    Episode 10

    Sid Eudy talks about his work out schedules throughout the different stages of his career.

    The Grawlix Podcast

    Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein – Best of Grawlix Lunch Box Live

    Originally streamed live, The Grawlix Podcast discusses the unusual Netflix special “Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein”.

    Droids Canada

    Remember.. Remember.. We are giving Concert Tickets away!

    Droids Canada contest announcement.


    EP# 134 Rich City Con 2019

    Parlipod talks to many guests of the Rich City Con on this huge episode.

    The Movie Madhouse Podcast

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 307

    Jason, James and Rob catch up on everything they’ve been watching, with Rob finally catching up to Aquaman!

    Pro Wrestling Mothership

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Ep 101

    Kevin and Darnell discuss AEW after dark, NJPW for America, the queer takeover in wrestling, WOW, AAA, Progress and NWA POWERRR. Share, listen and enjoy!

    Movie Guys Podcast

    Terminator Dark Fate

    Terminator: Dark Fate is a box office bomb and with Sarah Conner back in the mix we can’t believe this movie turned out the way it did. Trust us you don’t want to miss out on this review.

    The Roman Pod and Cast Show

    Episode 189: Toothbrush Expos – 2019-11-04

    This week Roman and Rob discuss our the time change, the World Series, Christmas too soon and much, much more!

    Jobbing With Josh

    JWJ 58-RCCW T&T Review plus HH Preview

    Attack of the abbreviations show! AC Riley (and his questionable spelling and counting skills) joins Josh to talk about all the action of RCCW Tricks and Treats from October.

    Bore Meets World


    Cory learns he has a thing for french girls.
    Stephen learns the worm has turned.
    Kyle learns to stop looking over his shoulder.

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    Shotgun Wrestling Radio

    SWR 285: Rugged Pro, CEW, 3XW, AEW, WWE and much more!

    This week we go over the results of the last Rugged Pro and CEW shows, take a look at tonight 3XW show as well as the upcoming independent calendar. We also take a look at this weekends AEW PPV and the WWE-NXT invasion angle and much more!

    60s Reboot

    Episode 10 The Beverly Hillbillies

    The Tenth Episode of The 60’s Reboot PODCAST The Beverly Hillbillies Jasper from the Grawlix Cinematic Universe podcast stops into the 60’s reboot parlor to

    Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast

    E448: NXT Invasion

    The Marked Out crew talks about the NXT invasions of WWE RAW and Smackdown. 

    Grawlix Podcast Live

    Grawlix Nights: November 7, 2019 #live

    Randy and Jesse REACT AT THE NEWS. From resurrected actors to Nicolas Cage Lovecraft-style, they run through the latest TV and movie news.

    Drinking In The Park with Neil and Johnny

    Drinking In The Park with Neil and Johnny – 156 – I Want To Hold Your Gland

    ‘Who should regulate and control my hormonal sidewalk system?’ ask’s Neil Yonge in this very, very special episode of Drinking In The Park.

    Survivalist Podcast

    Government Needs To Leave Big Tech Alone

    Today on the show we get into government wanting to regulate Facebook and free speech. We get into Facebook and Google’s business model and how the government does not understand technology yet they want to regulate it going forward. We get into Facebo…