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Weekly Podcast Playlist September 21st to 27th

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    EMC Podcast Network Exclusives

    Electronic Media Collective original productions and exclusive episodes released this week!

    We have a new exclusive for you movie lovers out there! This week the Movie Guys Podcast joined the network. Take a listen to their latest episode in which they come to the consensus that Rambo: Last Blood is a terrible movie.

    Rejoin pro wrestling legend Sid Eudy (aka Sid Vicious, Sid Justice, Sycho Sid) for episode 4 of his podcast, The Vicious Circle Podcast. In this episode, Sid talks about his pro wrestling beginning leading to WCW.

    Gallifrey Stands

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep276- Part 4: Cyber-Steeds & Howling Hounds

    Paul Gee talks Eccleston revelations & Unbound Master in WhoNews. Squee talks Unbound Doctors & Bernice Summerfield in Round Up Reviews. Then our story is unbound in part 4 of our Cyberman themed role playing game.

    Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast

    E435: Coronation of a Douche

    Adam and Brian react to Tuesday Night Smackdown from 9/17/19 and the Coronation of King Corbin.

    Vicious Circle Podcast

    Episode 4

    Sid Eudy talks about his beginnings leading to WCW and the era of the jobbers.

    Jobbing With Josh

    JWJ Episode 54-NXT-NXTUK-205 Live

    Josh is joined once again by Justin Decent to break down NXT UK Takeover Cardiff(late, we know!), 205 Live’s recent happenings, and talk about about NXT Live debut on USA and the WWE Network.

    Droids Canada

    Curtis from Ripley’s Believe It or Not

    While walking the floors of Fan Expo, Dan and Todd came across the Ripley’s Believe It or Not booth. In that booth, Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from Empire Strikes back was calling to Dan, so naturally Dan had to touch it. And talk about it.

    Queer Nerd

    The Queer Nerd Episode 17 w/ Joakim Morales of Battle Club Pro

    One of Battle Club Pro’s owners, Joakim Morales, sits down and discusses with Darnell why diversity is important, how he’s grown as a person and how his upbringing has affected his views on representation in the game.

    Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast

    E435: A New Kind of King

    Adam, Brian and Rob discuss wwe RAW from 9/24/19 and Baron Corbin’s attempt a king reboot. 

    The Movie Madhouse Podcast

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 302

    James, Jason and Rob discuss their movie of the week, Shadow of a Doubt, and build their list for the horror a day for October list.

    The Roman Pod and Cast Show

    Episode 183: Dumping Staff – 2019-09-23

    This week Roman and Rob discuss Trudeau, garbage dumping, Instagram comments and much, much more!

    Short Stories

    110 What Was It? by Fitz James O’Brien

    What Was It? by Fitz James O’Brien In this story a man is attacked by an invisible creature found to be human.


    The Road to Star Trek: Picard, The Big Goodbye/We’ll Always Have Paris

    The Road to Picard continues! In this week’s episode we look at The Big Goodbye and We’ll Always Have Paris.

    Movie Guys Podcast

    Movie Guys Podcast- Rambo: Last Blood

    The Movie Guys review Rambo: Last Blood and for the first time ever Ed, Eric and Jordan all agree on a movie. Spoilers, it is one of the worst films they have ever reviewed!

    Bore Meets World


    The Bore Brand talks about Smart Guy.

    Grawlix Podcast Live

    Grawlix Nights: September 26, 2019 #live

    Randy and Paul discuss TV & movie news and for once there is one story that isn’t about sequels, spin-offs, or remakes! Most of them are, though. They also discuss why some horror films fall flat and more.

    Gallifrey Stands

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep276- Doctor Who RPG – Part 5: Queen of Scott and Devious Plots

    Gallifrey Stands continues their Doctor Who RPG game, as Mary Queen of Scott’s lady in waiting captured, the Doctor tries to broker peace between two warring factions at Mortonberry Castle, with the Cybermen in the shadows.

    Dan Vs The Evil Dead

    Dan vs Evil Dead Season 2 Premiere: Home

    One of the funniest watch alongs ever returns! Dan vs Evil Dead is back with the season 2 premiere of Ash vs Evil Dead.

    What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show


    The hosts of What Are You Afraid Of? talk to Joe R. Lansdale, writer of the Bubba-Hotep film, Sundance Channel’s Hap & Leonard, and a ton of novels.