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Pro Wrestling Mothership

    Most recent episode posted 7 months ago. This podcast may be on hiatus.
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    Pro Wrestling Mothership Episodes

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Ep 120
    Kevin and Darnell are back with the last episode before this year’s Wrestlemania! Talks of AEW, Christian, The Hall of Fame, Andrade and a pre-previeiw of Mania and NXT Takeover, come join the fun!

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Ep 119
    Episode 119 is here with Kevin Wilder and Darnell Mitchell. They chat Elimination Chamber and WWE’s weird booking of Asuka, Paul Wight being All Elite, new Evolve show and the upcoming Wrestlemania week.

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Ep 118
    Recorded early February, Darnell and Kevin gushed about Royal Rumble, Bad Bunny, AEW/NJPW’s alliance, WWE and Peacock and more! Look out for a new episode coming this week

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Ep 117 (Morality in wrestling)
    Kevin is off this week, and Darnell is joined by Lauren Rae on this week’s newest episode. A bit less news and a lot more conversation, especially involving Brodie Lee’s untimely passing, ethics in professional wrestling, wrestling and the mainstream m…

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Ep 116
    Recorded last Wednesday, Kevin and Darnell talk the union of AEW and Impact and what that means for wrestling as a whole. Impact’s Final Battle approaches, Wargames has arrived and how can wrestlers make wrestling mainstream again?

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Ep 115
    Darnell and Kevin are back with episode 115. Tonight, #winteriscoming as AEW boasts it’s larger episode ever and this Sunday is NXT’s Wargames! We speak union, Impacts Tag Team tournament and what we desperately want from Retribution. Listen and share!

    Pro Wrestling Mothership ep 114
    This was recorded a week ago BEFORE the collective, but Darnell and Kevin are back with a new episode. We talk AEW Dynamite’s one year anniversary, NXT Takeover, tampa opening up and COVID procedures and much much more!

    Pro Wrestlinig Mothership 113
    Darnell and Kevin return after a lengthy busy summer to speak a bit about what’s  been happening in wrestling. From retribution, the amazing Sasha/Bayley fued, the same ol same ol arguments in wrestling and more, we hope you enjoy!

    PWMothership Presents: Black Wrestlers Matter preview show with Darnell Mitchell, Zach Takes and Brooke Valentine!
    Zach Takes and Darnell Mitchell are joined by the one and only Queen Bee Brooke Valentine to talk about the Black Wrestlers Matter preview show that happens August 22nd in Des Moines, IA! 

    Pro Wrestling Mothership ep 112 (Accountability lessons)
    We’re back!!! We took a little break to deal with returning to work, busy schedule and now we’re here back in the groove. Kevin and Darnell discuss the #speakingout movement that’s taken over wrestling, demo and ratings talk and speak slammiversary and…

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