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Pro Wrestling Mothership

    Most recent episode posted 6 months ago. This podcast may be on hiatus.
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    Pro Wrestling Mothership Episodes

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Episode 93 (A weekend full of wrestling for better or for worse)
    Kevin and Darnell do a hour podcast just talking about this week’s crazy weekend in wrestling. From AEW’s Fight For The Fallen, Evolve’s 10 year anniversary, to WWE’s Extreme Rules, this weekend was full of wrestling for better or for worse.

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Ep 92 (Weeeee’rrrreeeee Baaacccckkkk)
    Darnell and Kevin are back from their hiatus to go over this week in wrestling news!

    Episode 90 Mothership Podcast (All you favorites are raggedy bitches, so what we gunna do now?)
    This episode is full of sass, from WWE VS AEW, Lio Rush and the talks of what WWE owes their wrestlers, Jon Moxley back on the indies and WWE and the Saudi deal.

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Ep 89 (Not everyone can be a star)
    Kevin and Darnell ARE BACK, and Darnell discusses his crazy Mania weekend, they discuss the releases in WWE, new hires, SS16 for Progress, a new home for AEW and more!

    NXT Takeover and Wrestlemania cross over preview!
    Zach Takes, Josh Wennes, and Kevin Wilder break down this weekends big shows!

    CEW 10 Year Anniversary Preview Show
    Zach Takes and Austin Baylis break down all the action going down this Saturday in Oksaloosa, IA!

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Episode 87 (Let’s have a serious talk about racism in wrestling)
    Darnell and Kevin get a big serious this episode and the first 40 minutes are spent talking about racism in wrestling, wrestlers dictating what is important for fans to know and David Starr’s political promo.

    Pro Wrestling Mothership ep 86 (Tye Dillinger Model Pics: Good dick)
    Darnell and Kevin are back with this week’s late edition (blame Darnell) with all your wrestling news! From Sonny Kiss speaking on AEW, Brie Bella and Kurt Angle’s retirement to our Mania predictions (keep in mind, done over a week ago) we share the sa…

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Episode 85 (Torrie Wilson is an icon dammit!)
    This week Kevin and Darnell have a very lady heavy show. From Torrie Wilson’s induction, the huge difference of pay between female and male wrestlers and Alicia Fox’s unfortunate troubles.

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Ep 84 (We coming for you …!)
    Kevin and Darnell are back and ready to talk about this week’s news! From our happiness about Roman, several releases from WWE, to NJPW VS ROH and WOW wrestling, jump in for the mothership for a ride with your favorite two co hosts.

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