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    Pro Wrestling Mothership Episodes

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Ep 100
    Darnell and Kevin go over AEW Dynamite, the new Smackdown, Hell in a Cell, Kylie Rae, CM Punk and more!

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Ep 99 (DY-NO-MITE!)
    Darnell and Kevin talks about AEW dynamite, Kenny Omega being Kenny Omega, ROH Death before Dishonor and NXT excelling in ratings predictions.

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Episode 98
    Pro Wrestling Mothership talks about Rev Pro fiasco, AEW’s first show and Full Gear, Impact on AXIS, and a preview of Night of Champions!

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Episode 97
    Darnell and Kevin are back and Darnell is a bit overzealous to talk about AEW’s full realization of their lack of diversity after watching ALL OUT. The two also discuss the PWI 500 controversy and share their thoughts on NXT UK.

    The Pro Wrestling Mothership Episode 96
    Kevin and Darnell discuss NXT officially on FOX, the newest signees for AEW and WWE, Jim Cornette being JC, G1 finals and SuperJ cup and Darnell talks NYC wrestling including some news about Uncanny Attractions.

    The Pro Wrestling Mothership Episode 95 (Fuck there’s a lot of wrestling happening)
    Darnell and Kevin discuss WWE2K20, AEW’s women’s division, Harley Race, AAA TripleMania, Progress, and this weekend’s Summerslam and NXT Takeover shows!!!

    Pro Wrestling Mothership ep 94
    Kevin and Darnell return to discuss G1, AEW’s debut on Wednesdays and interesting relationship with the media, Tenille Dashwood’s hiring and Vince McMahon’s ideas about “blood and guts” and more!!!

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Episode 93 (A weekend full of wrestling for better or for worse)
    Kevin and Darnell do a hour podcast just talking about this week’s crazy weekend in wrestling. From AEW’s Fight For The Fallen, Evolve’s 10 year anniversary, to WWE’s Extreme Rules, this weekend was full of wrestling for better or for worse.

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Ep 92 (Weeeee’rrrreeeee Baaacccckkkk)
    Darnell and Kevin are back from their hiatus to go over this week in wrestling news!

    Episode 90 Mothership Podcast (All you favorites are raggedy bitches, so what we gunna do now?)
    This episode is full of sass, from WWE VS AEW, Lio Rush and the talks of what WWE owes their wrestlers, Jon Moxley back on the indies and WWE and the Saudi deal.

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