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    Queer Nerd Episodes

    The Queer Nerd Podcast Episode 14 w/ Justine AKA pastasauca
    Darnell is joined by Justine (AKA pastasauca) to talk everything wrestling.

    The Queer Nerd Episode 13 w/ Willow Nightingale
    Recorded after Mania weekend, Darnell spoke with Willow Nightingale about everything from her wrestling career, their mutual love for the Sims, and more.

    The Queer Nerd Episode 12 w/ Yolanda The Designer
    Darnell sits down with Yolanda the Designer, an incredible talent who’s done gear for Chikara, Cesaro, Sheamus, Drew Gulak and more.

    The Queer Nerd Episode 11 w/ Mark Adam Haggerty
    Darnell spoke to Mark Adam Haggerty weeks ago for Capitol wrestling, but he couldn’t get the interview out of his mind. So he decided to use it for his new episode of The Queer Nerd, because he felt that he and Mark had a honest, open, loving, and raw …

    The Queer Nerd Podcast: Gay Mania Week Edition w/ Billy Dixon
    Darnell is joined by The New Classic Billy Dixon where we discuss his upcoming Mania week takeover! From Uncanny Attractions to Matter or Pride, they discuss why all inclusive wrestling companies are taking over and the hardships of being a black person in the wrestling locker room.

    The Queer Nerd w/ Marc Anthony episode 9
    Eureka!!! Thought to be lost in the depths of audio hell, we bring you episode 9 of The Queer Nerd with Marc Anthony! Now, this was recorded 2 months ago and I have no idea what we talked about. All I remember is we were shirtless and giggled a lot.

    The Queer Nerd Episode 8 w/ RJ City
    Episode 8 is here and it’s a bit different than the other guests but Darnell just HAD to talk to RJ City. From why CVS receipts are pointless, talks with David Arquette, to why it’s so hard for people to just be decent human beings.

    The Queer Nerd Podcast Episode 7
    In this quick episode, Darnell talks with “The Shooter” Killian McMurphy at the Uncanny Attractions wrestling show about training, coming out in wrestling, and what sets him apart. Listen out for a drop in from Mark Adam Haggerty!

    The Queer Nerd Episode 6
    On episode 6 of The Queer Nerd, Darnell talks to The Gentleman Grappler Leo London about wrestling, Star Wars, Pokémon, anal play (!?) and why David Beckham is so damn handsome!

    The Queer Nerd: Episode 5 (Cat Moore)
    Darnell is joined by Cat Moore to talk everything from the craziness of Florida to the unique situation of being a queer WOC wrestling fan in traditional white spaces.

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