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Queer Nerd

    Most recent episode posted 2 years ago. This podcast may be on hiatus.
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    Queer Nerd Episodes

    The Queer Nerd Podcast Ep 20 with MV Young
    Darnell is back and chatting with his dear friend MV Young.

    The Queer Nerd Podcast Episode 19 w/ Faye Jackson
    Darnell chats with fun loving, booty twerking, no nonsense Faye Jackson to discuss her want for WOC to succeed in wrestling and to, for the FIRST TIME EVER, discuss her rocky relationship with ROH.

    The Queer Nerd Podcast Ep 18 w/ AJ Gray
    Darnell sits down with the wonderful AJ Gray to have a real talk about race relations in the world of wrestling.

    The Queer Nerd Episode 17 w/ Joakim Morales of Battle Club Pro
    One of Battle Club Pro’s owners, Joakim Morales, sits down and discusses with Darnell why diversity is important, how he’s grown as a person and how his upbringing has affected his views on representation in the game.

    The Queer Nerd Podcast episode 16 w/ Leo London
    Leo London returns to The Queer Nerd podcast and we talk extensively about our love for video games (primarily Final Fantasy) and delve into our love for comic book stories and their subsequent films.

    The Queer Nerd Podcast Episode 15 w/ Frank Leon
    Darnell sits down with Frank Leon, one of the creators of a brand new New York wrestling company based out of Wayne NJ called GoPro Wrestling.

    The Queer Nerd Podcast Episode 14 w/ Justine AKA pastasauca
    Darnell is joined by Justine (AKA pastasauca) to talk everything wrestling.

    The Queer Nerd Episode 13 w/ Willow Nightingale
    Recorded after Mania weekend, Darnell spoke with Willow Nightingale about everything from her wrestling career, their mutual love for the Sims, and more.

    The Queer Nerd Episode 12 w/ Yolanda The Designer
    Darnell sits down with Yolanda the Designer, an incredible talent who’s done gear for Chikara, Cesaro, Sheamus, Drew Gulak and more.

    The Queer Nerd Episode 11 w/ Mark Adam Haggerty
    Darnell spoke to Mark Adam Haggerty weeks ago for Capitol wrestling, but he couldn’t get the interview out of his mind. So he decided to use it for his new episode of The Queer Nerd, because he felt that he and Mark had a honest, open, loving, and raw …

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