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Rated R Wrestling

    This series has concluded.
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    Rated R Wrestling Episodes

    Rated R Wrestling
    We get drunk then talk pro wrestling and other things. You’ll probably get offended. Definitely not a safe space.

    The Rated R Wrestling Podcast: Episode 4
    Mike, Justin and Luke are BACK to cracking jokes and beers backstage after a show. Music: “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”  by George Thorogood 

    The Rated R Wrestling Podcast: Episode 2
    NSFW!!! On episode two of the Rated R Wrestling Podcast we continue down the road of drunken hijinks from last time, this time more guests

    The Rated R Wrestling Podcast: Episode 1
    Coming through your ear buds with that NSFW goodness. Join Mike Malice, Justin Decent, Luke Raven and others as they get drunk and tell stories

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