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The Superior Comic Show

    Most recent episode posted 1 year ago. This podcast may be on hiatus.
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    The Superior Comic Show Episodes

    Infinity Bat-Privelege! Superior Shenanigans Issue 33
    Avengers Infinity War SPOILER FREE review!

    Red is the New Green! Superior Shenanigans Issue 32
    Peter and Dean return to your earholes to talk about major comic news from last week including Infinity War, Teen Titans, Amazing Spider-Man 798, Damnations, Batman, and more!

    Infinity Reviews! Superior Shenanigans Issue 31
    Peter and Dean are back with issue 31 of Superior Shenanigans!

    Superior Shenanigans Issue #29 : Billion Dollar Panther
    Peter and Dean are back to cover this week’s Marvel and DC comics.

    Mr. (Never) Freeze Superior Shenanigans #28
    This week we discuss Black Panther, Venom, Infinity War, and we continue the Brother vs Brother Superior Bowl I.

    #SuperiorReturn : Wakanda Dreams
    Your boys are back! Peter and Dean return from hiatus to give their two cents open everything comic!

    The Superior Comic Show
    Two Irish brothers record (sometimes) weekly episodes in relation to the comic book genre and general pop culture.

    Infinity War of Brothers! Superior Shenanigans 26
    Peter and Dean are back with the opening ceremony of the shows version of the Super Bowl, The Superior Bowl 1! The lads begin the

    TKO Takeover! Superior Shenanigans #25
    Peter and Dean are joined by Daragh from The Kick Out Show to talk about The Justice League, Comic Book movies, and a lot of

    Pre-Ragnarock Punishing! Superior Shenanigans #24
    Peter and Dean record this episode right before they are due to head to the cinema to see Thor Ragnarock! What are the lads looking

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