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Issue 43: Captain Marvel's Umbrella Con
Captain Marvel has taken over the box office, Umbrella Academy has thrived on Netflix, and Peter and Dean got press passes to Dublin Comic-Con!
Issue 42: View Before You Spew
The troll culture has centred in on comic movies and Captain Marvel in particular. In this issue Peter and Dean talk about the trend of bashing movies before they are even released.
Issue 41: New Year, Superior Us
Peter & Dean discuss the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer, Titans, a new book from an indie creator, and speculate on what New Years Resolutions our heroes would have.

Infinity Reviews! Superior Shenanigans Issue 31

Peter and Dean are back with issue 31 of Superior Shenanigans!

This week we cover the two huge trailer drops, Infinity War and Deadpool 2

We also look at this weeks comics with special emphasis on Dr. Strange Damnation, and look ahead to next weeks pull list.

We finish off with the newest segment to the show, Yay or Nay!