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Survivalist Podcast

    Most recent episode posted 8 months ago. This podcast may be on hiatus.
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    Survivalist Podcast Episodes

    I Want To Go BowFishing Now
    We talk about going Bowfishing. I get into the technique of Bowfishing and the fun of it. We talk about alligator eggs and alligator hunting. I talk more about distressed properties and finding deals on real estate.

    My Cabin In The Woods
    Today on the show we do some Q & A (questions and answers). We talk about my new cabin. We go over buying a distressed property. We go over being in the outdoors and unplugging from technology. Using Redbox points to save money on rentals.

    It Could Be The New Normal
    In this episode of the survivalist podcast, we talk about how the world has changed to COVID-19. We talk about what if and could this be the new normal going forward.

    I Hate Short Jumper Cables
    This week on the show we are back for the New Year talking about a New Years Resolution you can stick to all year. The next thing we talk about is the problem of short jumper cables and the issue it can cause. Brandon answers some questions.

    What do y…

    Buying A Used Car
    Today on the show we get into buying a used car and what to look for when buying a used car. We talk about buying a car from a car dealership vs buying it from Facebook or Craigslist. We talk about how to title a car and making a deal when buying a car…

    Rabbit Hunting Tips
    Today on the podcast we talk about how to train a new hunting dog to hunt for rabbits. We go over what equipment to use and how to set them on the right rabbit tracks. We got over the political landscape in Washington dc. We talk about diet and how Ket…

    Holiday Travel Tips
    Today on the show we go over holiday travel tips and prepper travel practices. We go over what you should have in your car, what you should pack and what should go in your carry on luggage. We get into airline travel and hotel situations. We get into t…

    Freshwater Fishing Tips
    Today on the show we get into freshwater fishing tips and talk about ice fishing. We get into saltwater fishing vs freshwater fishing. We talk about fishing in ponds and lakes vs moving water like rivers and streams. We talk about using a fishing calen…

    Opie My New Bird Dog
    Today on the show we talk about my new puppy and new bird dog Opie the wonder dog. We get into how to train a bird dog and how to do basic obedience training with a puppy and how to housebreak them. We get into how to peacefully protest and people boyc…

    Government Needs To Leave Big Tech Alone
    Today on the show we get into government wanting to regulate Facebook and free speech. We get into Facebook and Google’s business model and how the government does not understand technology yet they want to regulate it going forward. We get into Facebo…

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