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113 The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell
The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell. In this story an accomplished hunter finds himself stranded on an island and being the hunted.
Special Announcement Update
We look forward to more Short Stories from Robert!
Special Announcement
Short Stories is taking a brief break. We wish Robert all the best and are excited for his return when he's feeling better!

Audio Drama

Gabriel-Ernest by Saki

In this story a beast devours animals of all kinds, but is especially fond of little children.

When I Was Dead By Vincent O’Sullivan

 In this story our main character dies after a bizarre experiment,but he doesn’t think he’s dead even as he watches the funeral. I hope you enjoy “When I Was Dead” By Vincent O’Sullivan  Aprox 15 Minutes.    

Neil and Johnny Drink In The Park – 25 – Days Of Blunder

There is a comical mix up at the airport with Neils grandma when they try to find a cab, while Johnny joins the mile high club with a special lady. Website http://www.neilandjohnny.com Twitter Tweets by NeilandJohnny Part of the Tangentbound Network About Us Part of Droids Canada Podcast Network http://droidscanada.com

Neil and Johnny Drink In The Park – 20 – A Moving Episode

When Johnny lets it slip that his ‘snake’ needs feeding while Neil’s mom is ‘out of town’ tension builds in the park. Will a trip to Goodwill and a surprise guest star appearance by Bill Murray set their friendship right? http://www.neilandjohnny.com