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Episode 87: Musical Chairs 2

On this SmarkDown episode of Marked out Wrestling Podcast Adam and the faction react to the 12/20/16 edition of WWE Tuesday Night SmackDown Live. After brutalizing James Ellsworth, AJ Styles goes chair happy on Baron and Dolph. Baron Corbin gets a huge push. Trivia, produced segments, call ins and emails.

Shotgun Wrestling Radio #198 w/NWL's Chris Gough

NWL Director of Operations, Chris Gough joins SWR this week. Topics include: NWL, Talent, WWE, Metro Pro Wrestling, and more plus The Zigman and Zach Takes preview WWE Road Block talk United Kingdom tournament and more. http://www.nwleague.com/

Episode 84: Zig Zag

On this episode of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast the Smart Mark faction reacts to the 12/14/16 showing of WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live. Dolph is elevated to the WWE Championship picture.. yeah, really! Ellsworth has been shelved for the time being while AJ Styles recovers from a TLC injury. The tag division feels the squashing …

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Shotgun Wrestling Radio #197 w/ SDW's Ed Hellier

Steel Domain Wrestling's Owner Ed Hellier joins SWR this week. Topics include: C.M. Punk, Adam Pearce, Colt Cabana, Ace Steel, History of SDW and more plus The Zigman and Zach Takes talk WWE TLC and Road Block and more.

Episode 81: Cuppa Hatahs!

Episode 81 of Marked Out Podcast (RAWESOME EDITION) the smart mark faction recaps a spotty episode of WWE Monday Night RAW. Some rumors from the web in the Dirt Sheets, Old Balls Report does another “Oh You Didn’t Know” segment. We have some fun in our outside the ropes segment as we discuss our favorite …

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