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    Most recent episode posted 5 months ago. This podcast may be on hiatus.
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    The Technology Geek Episodes

    Google Pixel 3 Review
    The Technology Geek’s Google Pixel 3 Review.

    The Microsoft Surface Updates Are Basically An iPhone S
    The Technology Geek – The Microsoft Surface Updates Are Basically An iPhone S

    WhatsApp Says #DeleteFacebook
    Tech news on Google, Microsoft, WhatsApps and more!

    Microsoft Ignite – Day 2
    The Technology Geek’s continued coverage of Microsoft Ignite 2018, talking about all the news of the week to this point.

    Microsoft Ignite
    The Technology Geek talks Microsoft Ignite, Amazon updates and more.

    Apple News Here There And Everywhere
    The Technology Geek – Apple News Here There And Everywhere

    Skype Is Not The New Snapchat
    The Tech Geek returns with the latest #technology news.

    Google Pixel 2 Review
    In this episode, we review the Google Pixel 2 and talk about using Android vs iOS. We talk about Google making moving from iOS to

    The Technology Geek Podcast
    On The Technology Geek Podcast Brandon talks computers, internet, tech, gadgets, and anything else that comes to mind.

    Microsoft Is Now A Linux Company
    We start out the show talking about a lot of news coming out of the Microsoft camp. We talk about consumer reports and the Microsoft

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