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That Music Podcast

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    That Music Podcast Episodes

    Episode 7 – Alien Ant Farm “Anthology”, Pearl Jam “Gigaton”, Live albums and Live DVDs
    Zach Takes and Kevin Wilder are back with a new episode! This week we’re taking a look back at Alien Ant Farm “Anthology” album and Pearl Jams newest album Gigaton. We also talk about our favorite Live DVDs and Live albums.

    Episode 6 with Jeremy Popoff from Lit talking A Place in the Sun album!
    This week on That Music Podcast, Zach and Kevin are joined by the guitarist from the band Lit, Jeremy Popoff, to talk the album A Place in the Sun!

    Episode 5 – Disturbed Down with the Sickness and Believe, The Beatles White Album, favorite Trio bands, and more!
    This episode we’re taking a look back at Disturbed’s Down With The Sickness and Believe albums, the Beatles White album, and our favorite trio bands!

    That Music Podcast Episode 4 – Ozzy Osbourne Ordinary Man review, Green Day Trilogy Album breakdown and more
    This week That Music Podcast reviews the new album from Ozzy Osbourne and take a look back at Green Day’s Trilogy albums Uno, Dos and Tre and turn them into one album and much more!

    That Music Podcast Episode 3
    Zach Takes and Kevin Wilder are back for episode 3 of the That Music Podcast! This week we’re talking our thoughts on some of this years Grammy award winners, we also take a look at the newest album from Green Day and much more! 

    Episode 2 – Latest music news, rock n roll HOF and more!
    That Music Podcast returns with the latest news in music, their thoughts on the Rock n Roll HOF, and more!

    That Music Podcast
    Music review podcast! Zach Takes and Kevin Wilder take a dive into music and review two albums on each episode.

    Episode 1 – Top albums of 2019
    In the debut edition of the That Music Podcast Zach Takes and Kevin Wilder go over our top albums from 2019!

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