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It’s Time To Fight

    Most recent episode posted 3 years ago. This podcast may be on hiatus.
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    It’s Time To Fight Episodes

    It’s Time To Fight: Matt Lesnar No Shows Again
    This week they discuss NXT Takeover, WM34, RAW, Smackdown and more!

    It’s Time To Fight: On The Road to CreativeMania
    Todd and Matt review and provide their predictions for the upcoming #NOLA #Wrestling week about #NXTTakeover and #Wrestlemania.

    It’s Time To Fight: Hall of Creative
    Todd and Matt discuss the previous Hall Of Fame Inductees, the Class of 2018 and theories about this year’s Showcase of the Immortals.

    It’s Time To Fight: The Return of the “Yes” Creative and Matt Lesnar
    This week It’s Time To Fight discusses the return of Daniel Bryan, Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal name change, Vince Russo, The Internet breaking Kayfabe, Kid Rock & Mark Henry joining HOF and more!

    It’s Time To Fight: Creatively “All In”
    Another fun filled week of wrestling rumors, RAW results, Smackdown annoying results, The Coach being sidelined and apparently everyone in Chicago is “All In.”

    It’s Time To Fight: Matt Lesnar No Show’s Creative
    Current wrestling news of the week from It’s Time To Fight.

    It’s Time To Fight: The Creative NXT ST Catharines Giveaway!
    Todd and Matt review wrestling for the week but we all know that is not why you are listening. You want to know who won. Fair enough. However, did not threaten to punch Matt in the teeth, because he will take his teeth out and attack you with them. Thi…

    It’s Time To Fight: On the Sports show
    Giraffe Boy and Lazer Wolfe from the “Sports” show interview It’s Time To Fight hosts, Terry Mathis and Ricky O’Shea.

    It’s Time To Fight: Not the Perfect 10 Creative
    Matt and Todd return to the studio to complete a live show! This week they took about service pets, tide pods, Booker T vs Corey Graves, the recent Alpha 1 show, ther weekly recap and more!

    It’s Time To Fight: Adam Cole Creative!
    Live from Facebook Live, Its Time To Fight discusses NXt TakeOver, Royal Rumble, RAW, Smackdown, ADAM COLE BAYBAY, and the latest additions to the WWE Hall of Fame!

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