Episode 011: Barn Yard Masterbator.

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Time Well Wasted Podcast/Talk-show EPISODE 11. In this one, we talk about some of the most annoying pet peeves out there. Learn what the Time Well Wasted crew would wish for if each member got 3 wishes from rubbing a lamp. Stuff like; freezing time, time travel and teleportation. We also talk about some of the worst jobs out there. If you think your job is bad, wait till you hear about these ones. And last but not least, we finish off with a game of ‘What Would You Do for $500?” If you like what you hear and are craving more, check us out at our official website: www.1hq.ca/podcast. Or, you can find us on the iTunes store by searching for Time Well Wasted in the podcast section. Lastly, you can head on over to our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/wellwasted. If you have ideas or suggestions for a future podcast, feel free to leave a comment or send an e-mail to: feedback@1hq.ca. You can send us hate-mail too, we don’t mind! Thanks for listening, please rate and subscribe!