Episode 012: Is it bad luck? Or does life just suck?

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Time Well Wasted Podcast/Talk-show EPISODE 12. In this episode, we talk about some crazy stories and try to figure out if the people in them deserved what happened to them, or if they just had bad luck. We discuss Florida trying to make a nationwide ban on porn! Matt Daddy asks a few riddles for the other hosts, and lastly, we finish off with a game called Fuck it, or Bucket! If you like what you hear and are craving more, check us out at our official website: www.1hq.ca/podcast. You can also find us on the iTunes store by searching for Time Well Wasted in the podcast section. Lastly, you can head on over to our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/wellwasted. If you have ideas or suggestions for a future podcast, feel free to leave a comment or send an email to: feedback@1hq.ca. You can send us hate-mail too, we don’t mind! Thanks for listening, please rate and subscribe!