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The Kick Out

    This series has concluded.
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    The Kick Out Episodes

    TKO 119 – This Is Not Goodbye, This Is See You Later
    News on NJPW World Tag League Finals, Braun Strowman and All Elite Wrestling, an important announcement and more.

    TKO 118 – Not A High Man, But A Hype Man
    News on Wrestle Kingdom 13, Mixed Match Challenge and Cody Rhodes, Previews for Courage, Low Blows, Phoenix and OTT. More!

    NXT WarGames and WWE Survivor Series – TKO Predictions
    The Kick Out’s Dave Cullen & Daragh Maher make their predictions for NXT WarGames and WWE Survivor Series.

    TKO 117 – Doctor Who’s Vape
    News on Jose Lothario, NJPW World Tag League and Wrestle Kingdom 13. Previews for OTT, Inside The Ropes, Courage, Low Blows and Phoenix. More!

    TKO 116 – What Show? Exactly!
    News on NXT invading Evolve, NJPW Super Jr Tag League, Ronda Rousey and more.

    WWE Evolution – TKO Predictions
    The Kick Out’s Dave Cullen & Daragh Maher make their predictions for WWE Evolution.

    TKO 115 – Stop Thinking About That Sandwich
    News on WWE Crown Jewel, the Jericho Cruise and Kevin Owens, previews for OTT, Courage, Phoenix, MSW, Low Blows and much more!

    TKO 114 – It’s Not Even Nificent
    News on the aftermath of McGregor vs Khabib, NJPW Power Struggle, WWE NXT UK and more.

    TKO 113 – Being A Dictator
    News on Neville’s return to pro wrestling, Punishment Martinez heading to WWE and more.

    OTT Fan Appreciation – TKO Review
    The Kick Out’s review of Over The Top Wrestling’s Fan Appreciation card that took place on September 30th 2018.

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