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The Kick Out

TKO 105 – Definitely A Full Beard There

Presented by Dave Cullen (@davebandana) & Daragh Maher (@MahersBar) with special guest Andrew Loughran (@AndrewLoughran1) from The Wrestling Beat. On this week’s show recorded on 14th July 2018…

    The latest news in the world of pro wrestling both here and abroad including Ronda Rousey being inducted into the UFC HOF and updates on Hiromu Takahashi’s neck injury.
    Reviews and takeaways from all the past week’s action from WWE.
    Special reviews on NJPW’s G1 Special in San Francisco, #July6th Trinity Brawl and OTT’s That Ring Really Ties The Room Together.
    Previews of other upcoming events from Pro Wrestling Ulster, Low Blows Wrestling Parties, Main Stage Wrestling and Phoenix Wrestling.
    Our Yes/No’s of the week such as if Paul Heyman to write for WWE Raw and if WWE will plan 2 Wrestlemanias a year.

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