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The Kick Out

TKO 76 – Again, MERCH!

Presented by Dave Cullen (@davebandana) & Daragh Maher (@MahersBar) with special guest Peter Hartie (@PeterHartie7) from the Superior Comic Show. On this week’s show recorded on 25th November 2017…

    The latest news in the world of pro wrestling both here and abroad including Drew McIntyre’s injury at NXT War Games & the outcome of ICW’s Fear & Loathing X. 
    Reviews and takeaways from all the past week’s action including NXT War Games, WWE Survivor Series, Raw, Smackdown Live. 
    Our chat with Peter about the Superior Comic Show
    Previews from upcoming events from OTT and White Collar Wrestling for Mags.
    Our Yes/No’s of the week such as if Batista will return to WWE and if AJ Styles will either retire or go part time in 2019.

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