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What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show




Halloween can’t happen without zombies and zombie movies! So for our 100th episode of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show, the zombies rise again. After dying due to media saturation, the re-animated strike back, returning to their rightful place in horror. Authors T. Fox Dunham, member of the Horror Writers Association, and Phil Thomas, author and filmmaker, celebrate their beloved undead by interviewing an awesome guest, director and scriptwriter of the social satire horror film, “Zombies of Mass Destruction”, Kevin Hamedani. Born of Persian heritage, Kevin suffered prejudice in America after 9-11 and the Iraq War. In response, this brilliant filmmaker followed in the footsteps of legendary director George Romero, who created “Night of the Living Dead” as a commentary on the Vietnam War. He tells Fox and Phil about the process of filming, his career, inspirations and his love of horror movies. Kevin gives advice to new filmmakers and talks about the brief haunting of an old apartment. T. Fox Dunham also brings you a new true ghost story, “The Hungry Ghosts of Philadelphia.” The city moved the cemetery, dumping the bodies but the ghosts remained and hunger for cheesesteaks and coffee. And as a special event, T. Fox Dunham narrates one of his unpublished zombie stories set during World War II in the Pacific Theater: “The Return to Seagaia.” The war dead of Japan try to come home. To close the show, the punk group, The Zombie Dandies, play their song, “Zombie Mass Shootings”—a love song to all the great zombie films. You can’t keep a good zombie down—well not unless you aim for the head.