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What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show



On episode 113 of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show, authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas discuss an old concept in folk culture called moral panic. The most recent manifestation is the Momo Challenge. Momo is a horrific bird statue that first appeared in Japan, and according to the new urban legend, she assaults children and advises them to commit acts of self-harm. Momo is the most recent folk devil—the central antagonist causing moral panic—but the phenomenon goes back to the Salem Witch Trials, even further. In particular, Fox and Phil have kept their audience updated on evil clown sightings, and they discuss other relevant trends such as the satanic panic of the 1980s, the spurious demonic nature of Dungeons & Dragons and other events in hysterical society.

Fox also plays the last part in his paranormal trilogy about Philadelphia’s most notorious haunted house, The Baleroy Mansion. The final chapter tells of dark heart of the house: the blue room and the curse of an antique chair. Anyone who sits in this chair soon dies, joining the choir of agitated souls who still roam the mansion. Then the hosts finish the show talking about A Time for Violence—a new noir and horror anthology soon released by Close to the Bone with stories from T. Fox Dunham, Chris Roy, Joe R. Lansdale, Richard Chizmar, Tony Knighton, Isobel Blackthorn, John A. Russo and many more out on May 1st. Preorder on Amazon today! The band Titus 12 closes with their song from Pick Up Natty Red: A Ghost Story.