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What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show



Award-winning author Lisa Morton joins T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas to talk about her new book, Calling the Spirits: A History of Séances. Through human history, people have sought to communicate with departed souls, and the evolution of that process has taken many forms. Finally in the mid-nineteenth century, the idea of the Séance developed. Supported by fringe science and the need to speak to dead loved ones, mediums became all the rage, especially during the shock of post-war periods. But were these mediums channeling the dead or just putting on a good show? Lisa shares her insights and answers the question why do we need séances? And she tells Phil and Fox a true ghost story that happened to her while she was part of a paranormal investigation at the infamous Stanley Hotel, the setting of Stephen King’s book, The Shining. We’re counting down to Halloween 2020 with Lisa Morton.

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