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What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show



On episode 7, British performer David Walton narrates a new true ghost story from Thailand, Girl on the Train. Phil & Fox discuss death and odd forms of burial from around the world—cannibalism, being fed to birds and Buddhist live-mummification. They also read some witty epitaphs found over the centuries and from our listeners. This leads Fox to their next interview with the all-female paranormal investigations team, Grave Wanderers: their work, theory and methods. They discuss previous cases and listen to their EVPs. Sandra and Stephanie have two very different personalities but are united in common cause.

When the interview is done, they talk a little more about death. Fox reads a passage from his new book, Destroying the Tangible Illusion of Reality or Searching for Andy Kaufman—a paragraph called Death the Inevitable. The message: Live to change the world or become an inert ghost who can merely watch but not interfere.

They finish the show with a true ghost poem written and recorded by Lamplight Magazine editor, Jacob Haddon: Night Swimming. He also explains the true story it’s based on. Then David Walton performs with his beautiful British voice the folk-song, The Lovers Ghost.

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See that a dark cloud standing over your bed? Did it just stomp down the hallway outside your day? It’s silent now and anon morning, all will go back to normal now. They explore the darkness and the power behind it. They search its soul and the art it inspires and the industry artists create through it. They ask the question. Do you answer? Will you face it with them?