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Doctor Who Dark Journey

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Doctor Who Dark Journey is a 12 episode full cast audio adventure which takes Sherlock Holmes and his companion The Doctor on a dark journey through time and space.

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The Cast of Doctor Who Dark Journey

The Doctor – Andrew Chalmers
Sherlock Holmes – Roy Miranda
Emily Hudson, Mrs. Hudson – Kate Elyse Forrest
Fred – MA Tamburro
Inspector Gull, Watson, The Daleks, Demon Spirit – Rikki Wright
Cassandra – Larissa Benfey
Holmes lady friend, Susan – Adrienne Fish
Benedict Waters, Various Voices – Paul Thomas Manz
Pub Thug, Various Voices -​ Atweh Atweh
Sergeant Pike – Ben Clifford

The Production Team of Doctor Who Dark Journey

Director – MA Tamburro
Writer – Andrew ChalmersSound

Design Series 1 –
Clayton Turner Episodes 1-5

Sound Design Series 2 –
Joshua Hemming Episodes 1 & 2 & 6
Kevin Gray Episodes 3 & 4
Levi Considine Episode 5
Ben Barton Episode 7

Recording Engineer Series 2 – Joshua Hemming, Clayton Turner
Theme Music – Traffic Experiment
Original Doctor Who theme – Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire
Episode Music – Joshua Hemming, David Goudie, Emily Klassen
Logo Design – Midnight Media RD Shaw, Vortex Visuals Dave Ladkin
Album Cover Art Series 1 – Vortex Visuals Dave Ladkin
Producer – AM Audio Media