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Book Vs Movie: "Rocketman" (Elton John's "Me)
Rocketman, Elton John’s Best Selling Autobiography Me Vs the Dexter Fletcher Hit Film
Book Vs Movie: Stephen King "You Know They Have a Hell of a Band" (Replay)
The Stephen King Storytime Bonus Ep Special Guest Juliette Miranda.
Book Vs Movie: "Rosemary's Baby" RIP Robert Evans (2017 Replay)
“Rosemary’s Baby” Special Podcast Guest Juliette Miranda and Margo D. Take a Close Look at the Classic Book and Movie.

Book Vs Movie Podcast

Book Vs. Movie is the podcast that ponders the question: “Which was better…the book or the movie?” We spoil away the details, uncover the plot points, discuss casting choices and shower with praise (or pummel with snark) as we see fit. Hosts are Margo P. (She’s Nacho Mama’s Blog) and Margo D. (Creator of Brooklyn Fit Chick.com) and we are not afraid to tell it like it is!

Book Vs Movie “Coraline” (Replay)

Book Vs Movie (Replay) “Coraline” Neil Gaiman’s Classic Novella Vs the Henry Selick Film What would you do if your mother and father all of a sudden became entirely different (and scary) people? Coraline Jones is a young English girl who moves to an …