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    Most recent episode posted 3 days ago.

    Book Vs Movie Podcast Episodes

    Book Vs Movie “Stand By Me”
    Book Vs Movie – Stand By Me – The Margos take on another Stephen King classic with Different Seasons’ story The Body and the Rob Reiner adaptation Stand By Me.

    Book Vs Movie “All About Eve”
    Book Vs Movie  All About Eve The Margos talk about one of the most famous fictional “Margos” in entertainment The Margos are All About Eve in this Bette Davis-centered episode and considered us buckled up for this bumpy ride!

    Book Vs Movie “The Big Sleep”
    Book vs Movie for The Big Sleep. Raymond Chandler’s novel Vs the Bogie/Bacall classic film.

    Book Vs Movie “Valley of the Dolls”
    Valley of the Dolls. The 1968 Jacqueline Susann Novel Vs the 1967 Camp Classic Film.

    Book Vs Movie “The Exorcist” (RIP Max von Sydow 1929-2020)
    Book Vs Movie Podcast (Replay) “The Exorcist” RIP Max von Sydow (1929-2020) The Margos revisit the 1971 novel The Exorcist written by the very interesting William Peter Blatty.

    Book Vs Movie “The Manchurian Candidate” (Replay)
    Book Vs Movie “The Manchurian Candidate” The Richard Condon Novel Vs. the 1962 John Frankenheimer Cult Classic

    Book Vs Movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”
      Book Vs Movie  On Her Majesty’s Secret Service The 1964 Ian Fleming Novel Vs the 1969 Film Featuring George Lazenby.

    Book vs Movie “The Color Purple”
    The Margos finally take on the Alice Walker classic The Color Purple which won both the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and the National Book Award in 1983. It went on to be adapted into a film by none of than Steven Spielberg.

    Book Vs Movie: “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”
    Book Vs Movie  How Stella Got Her Groove Back Terry McMillian’s 1997 Book vs the 1998 Movie Starring Angela Bassett

    Book Vs Movie: Steve Harvey’s “Think Like a Man”
    The 2009 Self-Help Book from Comedian Steve Harvey Vs the 2012 Movie With Special Guest Kristen Meinzer of the By the Book podcast.

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