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The Movie Madhouse Podcast

A podcast discussing movies of all kinds, hosted by Mike Lutz, Rob Bellamy, and Jason Bechard.

The Movie Madhouse Episode 317

This week We have a quick interview with Gough all the way from Australia, talking about his new project “How To Treat Women”. Then the boys discuss time travel movies.

The Movie Madhouse Episode 314

The boys are joined by film maker Gavin Michael Booth to talk Star Wars and see who the Ultimate Star Wars Trivial Pursuit Champion is.

The Movie Madhouse Episode 312

For your Christmas enjoyment Rob goes on about The Witcher and then Jason and Rob have a spoiler full chat about Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker.

The Movie Madhouse Episode 310

Jason, James and Rob are finally all together again and the discussion spirals out of control. A lot of talk about Terminator Dark Fate and the Blood in the Snow Film Festival.