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The Movie Madhouse Podcast

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    The Movie Madhouse Podcast Episodes

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 325 – Zack Snyder
    This week the boys talk about Zack Snyder and the amazing news…the release of the Snyder cut!!

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 324
    The boys talk about the state of the film industry and how things are changing.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 323
    This week a solo Rob is joined by Ed Bratz from the Let Me Ask You Something podcast and Kenny Casanova from WOHW Publishing and the creator behind the first weekend Virtual Comic Con, Wrestling Bookmarks – Covid Con 2020.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 322
    The Movie Madhouse discusses some quarantine watch lists as well as some great wrestling talk.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 321 – Bond, James Bond
    The Movie Madhouse jumps into the spy life with the James Bond franchise.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 320 – The X Universe
    On this live episode the Movie Madhouse dives into Fox’s X-Men Universe.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 319
    Jason, James and Rob gather in a small group to talk about apocalyptic movies, while steering clear of any pandemics in the area.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 318 The Crow with Rochelle Davis
    This week Jason and James sit down with Rochelle Davis to talk about the cult classic The Crow.

    The Movie Madhouse Bonus Episode
    The Movie Madhouse interview with filmmaker Russell Rapp.

    The Movie Madhouse Lost Episode
    James and Jason’s lost episode, when the data was not transferred quite like we thought it was! From December! Enjoy!

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