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Comics With My Kids

Comics with my Kids Episode 10 Dogman Book 8

Comics with my Kids Episode 10

Dogman Book 8: FETCH-22
On our 10th milestone episode of Comics with my Kids, we take a look at Dogman Book 8- Dogman: Fetch 22.  Logan and Special guest Richard, talk all things Supa – hero. In a small suburb of San Antonio.  Logan and I meet up with extended family; as Richard S. joins us for a review of the latest in the Dogman Chronicles.  Logan and Richard give a brief synopsis of Book 8 as well as their opinions on the series in general.
Logan and Richard have a fun time talking about Pilkey Planet.


Richard loves is journey into the Dogman Chronicles
So sit back and enjoy this brief family reunion talking about a Pilkey Plant production.
Theme song provided by Bensound, Visit Bensound at Bensound.com