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EP# 129 The Takoda Stranger

In this ep the guys talk about DCeased #3, Swamp Thing episode #4, Is the Phantom Stranger really Takoda?, Doom Patrol #1, Dark Red #4, and they prepare for SDCC 2019.

Buttered Toast

Jake joined us to mostly talk about movies. Things do get weird, especially the inspiration for the episode title.

#95: Convoyeur

The Grawlix Podcast O Con Expo 2019 special! Interviews, comic con thoughts, and more!

Ep# 127 Well hell, let’s all join the navy…

In this seaworthy episode we talk with Wes Gift of Rich City Comic Con about why in the hell Superman would join the navy in Superman Year One #1, Silver Surfer Black #1 by Donny Cates. And last but not least, Swamp Thing episode #3.