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Episode 31 – Character Spotlight : The Incredible Hulk

Comics With My Kids

Comics With My Kids Podcast

-Episode 31-

Character Spotlight:

The Incredible Hulk

In this episode, Logan and Matt take a look at Logan’s favorite Marvel Superhero.  The Incredible Hulk. Logan takes us through a rundown of all of The Hulks different Transformations.

Logan tells us about Hulk’s early days when like a Werewolf the Hulk only transformed at night.  Logan also gives us the skinny on when Bruce Banners face didn’t change when he transformed and he was stuck having to wear a Hulk Mask to hide his identity.

All of the references for this episode come from either the Marvel Cinematic Movies, and the Hulk Transformations Graphic Novel published by Marvel Comics.

So grab your purple pants and get ready for a fun trip into the mind of Doctor Banner and his Mr. Hyde persona HULK.

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