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Episode 49 – Scales PART 2 Interview with Sebastian Girner

Comics With My Kids

EPISODE 49 – Interview with Sebastian Girner

Comics With My Kids Podcast

-Episode 49-Scales and Scoundrels part 2

the interview with sebastian girner

Again we are talking Action, Adventure as Logan and Dad sit-down with comic book author and editor-in-chief for TKO Studios  Sebastian Girner. For those who missed last episode or are not familiar with the Scales and Scoundrels story Sebastian gives us a summary of the story.

Logan asks Sebastian about the story of the book as well as a few questions about being an editor-in-chief. We get a great conversation about how a comic is made, how TKO came about.  Finally we also get a breaking news story like any journalist and learn something about the future of Scales and Scoundrels and our favorite Rogue Luvander.

So grab your listening cap, and a set of headphones as Logan and Dad talk with Sebastian Girner on this next episode of comics with my kids.

Check out TKO studios for the complete story of Luvander

and Scales & Scoundrels


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