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Episode 52 – Diana and Nubia Princesses of the Amazons

Comics With My Kids

Comics With My Kids Podcast

-Episode 52- 

diana and nubia princesses of the amazons

By shannon and dean hale

art by victoria ying

This episode, Melody and Matt sit down and look at the sequel to Diana Princess of the Amazons.  They review Diana and Nubia Princesses of the Amazons.  Melody gives a brief summary of  the story and tells us about a young Princess raised by the Amazons, by the name of Nubia.  We learn that her world gets turned upside down when she suddenly has a twin sister one morning. Nubia is convinced that this girl named Diana is a trickster or some evil deity made human.  
Melody tells us her take on this story of two princesses and what she likes most about this story. Matt gives his viewpoint on the story and what hidden morals can be found with this story.  Both give there pick on Buy, Borrow, or Bust. 
Will Nubia learn the reason why she as this new sister?  Will Diana find out what is going on in this world that is familiar but yet different? Find out these answers in this episode and the book Diana and Nubia Princesses of the Amazons written by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale with art by Victoria Ying.

Check out your local book store, Amazon, or Barnes & Nobles for a copy of this book. 

Also checkout the Hale’s on Twitter at Shannon Hale and Dean Hale  as well as artist Victoria Ying

So hop on you favorite Kangaroo as we jump our way into this Episode of Comics with my Kids Podcast!

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