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Episode 56 – Max Meow Taco Time Machine

Comics With My Kids

 Comics With My Kids Podcast

-Episode 56- 

max meow pugs from planet x

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written and art by john Gallagher
This episode, Logan and Matt travel back to the past and read the most current chapter in the Max Meow Series.  Book 4 Taco Time Machine.  Matt gives a brief recap of the history of Max and Mindy  to bring Logan up to discuss book 4.  Logan tells us the prologue of the book and what sets up our Time Traveling adventure.as well as what character he liked the most. Matt askes the rital questions that any reader wants to know. Why is there a Steel Skunk in this book when it should be about a Cat Superhero? Why is a Time Machine Shaped into a Taco? Find out what happens to Max and Mindy and what they have to do to save the Space Time Continuum as well as make a new partnership with another Superhero in Kittyopolis.  Have a listen if you don't mind spoilers or come back after you have read Max Meow
Check out your local library, bookstore, Amazon, or Barnes & Nobles for a copy of this book. So grab some Taco sauce to go with this Taco shaped Time Machine as we travel Back to the …. Past? 

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