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Episode – 63 – Monster on the HIll

Comics With My Kids

  Comics With My Kids Podcast

– Episode 63 –

Monster on the 

by Rob Harrell

art by Rob Harrell


This sixth episode of our Summer Reading Program we’ve jumped into an alternate time line where monsters roam the countryside and attack towns all across England. We have read, Monster on the HIll. What happens when a town’s Monster is too depressed to attack a city? Well find out here in this review of Rob Harrell’s book

Logan gives us the setup for Monster on the Hill and the main characters Rayburn, Tentacular, The Doctor and the young paperboy. Matt helps Logan try to remember the name of the Town that our main monster has been sworn to protect and terrorize.
Logan and Matt compare this book to that of Hilo and the similar art styles and humour to the books.
So grab a plate of noodles and come have a listen to what Logan and Matt have to say for this weeks Summer Reading Promotion: Monster on the HIll.
Also don’t forget to give us your opinion of the book and we will add it to our next episode.

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